Hearing Conservation

Tools and resources to help employers achieve a safe place of work 

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Hearing Conservation

With individuals and small businesses in mind

Employers are required to provide a place that is safe for employees to work in. This includes ensuring that your workers are not at risk of permanent hearing damage.

Take this simple 5 minute checklist to determine if you need a hearing conservation program for your company, or any department within your company.

Learn about noise-induced hearing loss, what a hearing test indicates, and how you can control noise with 3 simple steps.

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Noise-induced hearing loss

Why is the pattern so distinctive? Are headphones all to blame? Does age cause hearing loss?

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Hearing Tests

Why do they play funny sounds in my ear and what does it actually indicate?

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Noise Control

It doesn't have to be difficult or costly. Learn the 3 basic steps to help you effectively control noise in your environment.

The Hearing Conservation Program Checklist

Do you need one?