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Because you deserve to hear for life. 

Not all hearing protection is created equal. 

All earplugs and earmuffs reduce the amount of noise you’re exposed to. How much, and how efficiently, are two completely different stories. 

Before we carry on, we need to emphasize that hearing protection should always be your last resort. This is because:

  1. Hearing protection only protects one person 

  2. It is only effective if the fit and attenuation is correct

  3. The best hearing protection in the world can't protect you from vibration

That being said, we live in a noisy world. We often can't escape from traffic sounds, construction sites, the hiss of the espresso machine at your favourite cafe. And sitting at home to stay away from all that noise is just as isolating. In many cases, musicians, bar staff, aircraft crew, transport operators and many other occupations, with their long hours of practice and work exposure, sometimes feel that it's simply part of their job description. 

We can, however, protect ourselves by attenuating the amount of sound you’re exposed to. And that doesn't mean muffled sound or the inability to enjoy music. We've scoured the world and done heaps of research, just so that we can bring you the best in hearing protection. Don't compromise on quality. Find out more about the different types of hearing protection devices (HPD), and what you should look out for when getting one for yourself. 

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Different Types of Hearing Protection (HPD)

Earplugs, earmuffs, custom earplugs, noise-cancelling headsets and acoustic filters. Discover the difference.

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Musician/Acoustic Earplugs

What "high-fidelity" and "acoustic filters" mean, and why "Musician Earplugs" are a lie

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Tube Vs Pill Earplug Filters

Differentiate between unfiltered, tube filters and pill filters.

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Impact and Impulse Earplugs

Gunshots, hammering, clanging pots and the hiss of the espresso machine. Non-linear earplugs can handle that.

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Fit and Seal

Fit and seal matters.. and can bring a 25 dB rated earplug to protect you by just 5 dB! 
Find out how to get the right fit.