White Cat Filtered Foam Earplugs

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White Cat Disposable Filtered Foam Earplugs are ergonomic memory foam earplugs with an inbuilt acoustic filter that provides clarity in sound.

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Great for motorsports, festivals and contract/part-time staff

White Cat Filtered Foam earplugs have been developed for music events, motorsports and general industrial use. Regular foam and resistive tube filter hearing protection generally attenuates too much sound, especially in the higher frequencies, making it inadequate for hearing speech, music and warning sounds. Regular unfiltered disposable foam mutes sound and isolates the user from their environment, which can be a safety concern and is definitely a party stopper during a music festival.


  • Ergonomic 'one-size-fits-many' closed cell foam reduces contamination, making it possible to clean the earplugs and reuse them daily for up to a month

  • Integrated with a high-fidelity acoustic filter for natural sound with good speech intelligibility, while delivering full frequency sound reduction to safe listening levels

  • Comfortable to wear for a longer time

  • Easy to insert


  • Has downsides similar to other foam earplugs in terms of fit

  • Needs to be replaced after 30 days of use

Note: If you have small ear canals we suggest trying our reusable filtered earplugs instead. These earplugs come in wide range of eartip sizes, providing fit and comfort with amazing sound clarity.

Each White Cat Earplug's acoustic filter is 100% acoustically tested.

Many white cats are deaf. Don't be a white cat. You deserve to hear for life.

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  • Protect your ears while still being able to communicate and hear the surroundings clearly

  • Helps prevent hearing damage

  • High end memory foam provides a perfect fit for everyone

  • Each individual acoustic filter is 100% acoustically tested

  • Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh

  • Minimal occlusion


Package contains:

  • 1 pair of of 30-day filtered foam earplugs

  • CE and ANSI certified reusable Hearing Protection

  • One size fits all viscoelastic memory foam

  • Acoustic filters providing 15 or 20dB average damping and 100% acoustically tested.

  • Manual EN, DE, ES and NL