White Cat Music Earplugs (Set)

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White Cat Reusable Music Filtered Earplugs are cost effective earplugs that come in a range of sizes, attenuation and fit for a wide variety of situations.

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Enjoy festivals and gigs with better sound clarity!

Sound clarity at a comfortable volume

Offering exceptional noise attenuation in a discrete miniature package, the Reusable Music series lets you enjoy gigs, festivals and concerts with crystal clarity while protecting your ears.

Tube Filters vs Pill Filters 

Commonly available "musician earplugs" use tube filters. While this is an improvement over the drastic muffling from foam earplugs, the tubes have a tendency to cause additional reverberation. The resulting response still slightly muffles speech and sounds. Pill filters remove this problem, giving you high speech intelligibility and clarity of sound at a comfortable volume. 

Pick your volume

Higher attenuation filters are also available in this range and are particularly suited for gigs where you're standing stage front, right in front of the speakers. Don't forget that the amount of sound pressure doubles every time you halve the distance to the source, and more than 30 seconds of exposure at 120dB can cause ringing in your ears. Hearing damage that is permanent and disabling

The ventilation filter material ensures the user has air constantly flowing into the ear, this ventilation reduces the occlusion effect and irritation within the ear canal maximising user comfort, limiting the causes of inflammation and infection.

Swap out your filters for different situations! You’ll be amazed by the sound quality and snug fit, especially if you are used to Class 5 disposable foam ear plugs or hearing protection with tube-type filters which typically provide muffled sound.

The White Cat Music kit comes with 4 different sized eartips that comfortably fit a wide range of ear canal sizes.

Each White Cat Earplug's acoustic filter is 100% acoustically tested.

Many white cats are deaf. Don't be a white cat. You deserve to hear for life.

Which Attenuation Suits Me?

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  • 10dB - Fades out constant noise in an open plan office environment, restaurants or on airplanes, giving you a boost in cognitive performance without feeling isolated. Also recommended for service staff who might need slightly lower attenuation so interactions with customers are not inhibited.

  • 15dB - Perfect for festivals, clubs and movies where you want to enjoy hearing clearly while reducing your exposure to loud sounds

  • 20dB - For rock concerts, clubbing, stadium cheers and metal, where you're expected to face constant loud volumes but still want to retain great communication and hear warning signs

  • 25dB - For the music enthusiast who stands right in front of the speakers during a live gig


Each White Cat Reusable General Earplug Package contains:

  • 4 pairs of eartips (Fits S to XL ears)

  • A pair of general situation acoustic damping filters, 100% acoustically tested

  • Fabric keychain pouch

  • Silicone earplug cords

  • Manual EN