White Cat Pro-Musician Earplugs (Set)

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State-of-the art hearing protection for the professional musician.

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Super-Flat Attenuation for the Professional Musician

True sound quality for golden ears

Have a keen sense of hearing that's able to discern between the different frequencies? Then you need the White Cat Pro-Musician range.

Enjoy the same (or even better!) filters as custom earmoulds at a fraction of the price! Experience a tuned, flat attenuation response with the best high fidelity universal ear plugs on the market. This means that all frequencies are reduced by almost the same volume, ensuring you lose none of the original sound while bringing your music down to safe levels.

Focus on your music

Reducing your volume gives you the headspace to focus on the beat and your nuances in tone and texture, without distancing yourself from your fans.  Hear yourself think. Focus on creating beautiful music.


10dB and 15dB filters are also perfect for flights. Reach your performance venue energised. Live your life at a comfortable volume.

The White Cat Pro-Musician kit comes with 4 different sized eartips that comfortably fit a wide range of ear canal sizes.

Swap out your filters for different situations! You’ll be amazed by the sound quality and snug fit, especially if you are used to Class 5 disposable foam ear plugs or hearing protection with tube-type filters which typically provide muffled sound.

Each White Cat Earplug's acoustic filter is 100% acoustically tested.

Many white cats are deaf. Don't be a white cat. You deserve to hear for life.

Which Attenuation Suits Me?

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  • 10dB - Recommended for classical music professionals and theatre/musical lovers 

  • 15dB - Best for jazz and woodwind players, ensuring clarity of sound with full music dynamics whilst allowing speech to be heard

  • 20dB - These earplugs contain the same (or better) acoustic filters as those used in custom vocals, DJ and guitarist earmoulds

  • 25dB - For your pro drummer and brass player to enjoy the highest fidelity attenuation in the market


  • 4 pairs of eartips (Fits S to XL ears)

  • A pair of general situation acoustic damping filters, 100% acoustically tested

  • PU Leather keychain pouch

  • Silicone earplug cords

  • Manual EN