White Cat Watersports Earplugs (Set)

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White Cat Watersports Earplugs keep sound in and water out.

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The Swimmer's & Surfer's Advantage

Sound in, water out

Advanced mesh technology that lets sound in and keeps water out.

Keep your ears dry

Swimmer’s ear is an infection in the outer ear canal, and is common for people who spend a lot of time in the water. Too much moisture in the ear creates a moist environment that aids bacterial growth. Scratching your ear canal with fingers, cotton swabs or other objects can also lead to swimmer's ear by damaging the thin layer of skin lining your ear canal.

The ventilation filter material ensures the user has air constantly flowing into the ear, this ventilation reduces the occlusion effect and irritation within the ear canal maximising user comfort, limiting the causes of inflammation and infection.

Choose your volume

Public pools, swim meets and motorboats can be loud. Switch out to higher attenuation* levels for competition venues so you can focus your energy and attention on the important sounds that matter.


10dB and 15dB filters (not eligible for Swim Surf Summer Sale) are also perfect for flights. Reach your competition venue energised. Live your life at a comfortable volume.


Swap out your filters for different situations! You’ll be amazed by the sound quality and snug fit, especially if you are used to Class 5 disposable foam ear plugs or hearing protection with tube-type filters which typically provide muffled sound.

The White Cat LIVING kit comes with 4 different sized eartips that comfortably fit a wide range of ear canal sizes.

Each White Cat Earplug's acoustic filter is 100% acoustically tested.

Many white cats are deaf. Don't be a white cat. You deserve to hear for life.

Which Attenuation Suits Me? 

Compare White Cat Earplugs here
  • 5dB - Great for unpowered watersports/swimming - Retain your balance and awareness with minimal attenuation while blocking out water

  • 10dB - Perfect for swim coaches in public pools, cutting down on ambient generator sound. Also great for flights.

  • 15dB - Cut down the roar of motor engines. Also for coaches and spectators during swim meets, particularly when it's held indoors. Great for flights. 

(If your jetski/motorboat has a very loud engine, you might want to reach for higher attenuation 20dB or 27dB filters instead)


  • 4 pairs of eartips (Fits S to XL ears)

  • A pair of general situation acoustic damping filters, 100% acoustically tested

  • Fabric keychain pouch

  • Silicone earplug cords

  • Manual EN