Why White Cat Earplugs?

You deserve the best. Don't settle for substandard acoustic filtering.

Every single White Cat Earplug filter is 100% acoustically tested.

We choose quality

Because you deserve to hear for life

100% Acoustically Tested

We test every single White Cat filter before it's sent out to you, to make sure that it meets the acoustic filtering standards that we promise. Yes, that's not cheap, but we are unwilling to compromise on your sound quality and protection. Your ears are worth it.

The Right Fit

Ears come in many shapes and sizes. Every ear is as unique as a thumbprint, and it's hard to figure out what your ear canal size is before trying it on. And because the fit and seal of your earplugs are vital to your safety, we ship out every White Cat Earplug Kit with 4 different sizes of eartips. When you refresh your earplugs, just order the size that fits you best and you'll save $30 off your new kit. Sweet as!

Medical Grade Silicone Eartips

Your ears are sensitive, so we only supply eartips in high grade medical silicone, to ensure both your safety and comfort.

Only The Best

We've talked about the difference between tube and pill filtered earplugs. We only sell acoustically tested pill filtered earplugs because you deserve the best sound quality possible. Our filters are at least as good as those available in your custom earplugs. Don't settle for less.


Because White Cat Earplugs provide amazing sound clarity and communication at a lower volume, you'll find that you can use the same pair of earplugs for a wide variety of situations. Your 27dB sleep plugs will be amazing on long haul flights or mowing the lawn, and your 15dB musician plugs are great for cross-country roadtrips and bustling cafes where you just want to focus on the conversations around you, not the hiss of the espresso machine.

Pro-Musician Filters

Some ears are special and can detect the slightest differences in attenuation at specific frequencies. Our Pro-Musician Earplug range gives you super flat attenuation across all frequencies. Experience true sound quality, at a safe and comfortable volume. 

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Don't settle for less.